Corporate Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Leon Beaton’s workshop was the perfect start to our staff planning professional activity. He had researched our organisation business objectives and used our enterprise documents to link his strong and timely messaging of the necessity for individual commitment and personal accountability for workplace success.

Staff were engaged and stimulated by Leon’s dynamic approach and obvious warm and respectful manner. Specific staff 1:1 engagements during the presentation were confidently used by Leon to model a language of positive action within the workplace for individual and team benefit.

I would recommend Leon as a valuable asset to a professional skill development activity.


Malcolm Macpherson

Executive Manager – RTO Bendigo Access Employment


o2 Media engaged Leon Beaton for a strategic planning session with our team of 10. Leon arrived having thoroughly prepared for the session and was able to quickly establish rapport with each of us.

Leon challenged us to critically analyse our core motivations and the skills we each bring to our business. In this way, our team members were able to get a clear sense of their contribution and the ways in which they “fit” into o2 Media.

But perhaps more importantly, Leon was able to take us on a collective journey of discovery and help us to set clear intentions for our future. As a result, we have a new clarity of vision and we are working on clear pathways to achieve that vision.

We have been to apply our insights and learnings in a practical sense through the development of individual action plans for 2015. I have no doubt this will have a hugely positive impact upon our business.


Karen Foster

Director o2 Media

“What content piece(s) of this program made an impact on you?

  • Seeking clarity around vision and statements of intent – Karen
  • The benefits of being able to clearly articulate our respective skills and talents and how they benefit our business – Karen
  • Setting visions and experiences and how important they are in growing (something I have never done) – Dan
  • Having clarity around skill set – Liz
  • Setting visions and experiences – Liz
  • Setting goals for the next 6 months – Jody
  • Stepping outside my comfort zone – Jody
  • Defining my values – Amy
  • Having more clarity about my vision for myself, being myself – Amy
  • Talking about experiences rather than goals; what I want to experience in the next 6 months – Leah
  • To grow/learn, I need to be courageous enough to step out of my comfort zone. – Sara
  • Identify and visualize the potential & skills of myself & o2 and the possible future direction – Sara
  • Allowing me to really think and act on what I say – challenging as I really had to think and not just roll with a thought. I had to give a reason and I liked being challenged!! – Karryn
  • Recognising what skills you bring to the workplace has value in terms of service/$$$ = it’s your unique contribution – Amy


What is the one change you will implement into life as result of attending the Team Planning Day?

  • Take time out to define what I am good at and what problems/opportunities I can take – Amy
  • Setting goals (experiences) for the next 6 months – Jody
  • Setting visions – Liz
  • Greater self-reflection – Liz
  • Allowing myself to step outside my comfort zone more regularly to learn, experience and grow – Dan
  • Engage a mentor to help me recognise and unleash my full potential – Karen
  • Clarify my work goals/experiences – Leah
  • I will speak with more confidence and won’t say “I think” – no one with back you if they see fear!! This session has definitely helped and will help me grow as a person which will benefit o2 Media – Karryn
  • Really identifying what my skills/contribution is to o2 and my value. Create a vision for what I want to achieve – Amy
  • Take time out of each day to reflect and give space for ideas for growth personally and how to integrate that with my work – Sara
  • Accept the challenges that will help me out of my comfort zone – Sara


Leon is known to me as an educator and public presenter. He worked across a range of educational sectors and has a diverse life experience.

In his capacity as a teacher and mentor Leon has assisted young people to realise their broader potential outside of education and to draw on their inner qualities to achieve this. He is both empathetic and attuned to the needs of those who recognise that their life could be better on a variety of levels. Leon has the skills and presentation facilities to be able to assist people to grow and develop holistically. He is well presented, he uses humour appropriately and he interacts engagingly with his audience.


I commend Leon a man committed to his craft and passionate to support others in their personal growth. Leon achieves this in an authentic way!


Matthew Byrne – Principal Damascus College Ballarat