My Journey

I was born in small country town called Coleraine in the Western District of Victoria and grew up on a sheep farm where I learnt what hard work and the cycles of life was all about.  At 14 years of age I went to a boarding school which I found both challenging and rewarding. Challenging in the context that I didn’t know which group I fitted into and rewarding in that it exposed me to new opportunities I would never have had. Looking back now in hindsight, I realized it set me up for being the teacher I now am today.

The following three years I worked in Melbourne in the corporate world trying to work out what I was to do with my life, but working in an office wasn’t for me.

After much soul searching I become a teacher and for the next 33 years that is what I did and loved. Over that time I have taught many different subjects, taking what opportunities came to me. My personal preference was Personal Development because what I shared with my students enabled me to see the positive change in them as they incorporated that knowledge into their life.

In 1989 I built a restaurant and for the next 16 years operated a successful business with my wife. Teaching and being part of the restaurant was challenging, particularly while raising two young children. Everything has a price, but the lessons and opportunities that were presented to me along the way, helped me to evolve to become the person I am today.

After a divorce and selling the restaurant in 2006, life took another turn, a turn back onto the path I now know I was destined to take as an author, speaker and teacher. Over a seven year period I completed many courses that enabled me to look and reflect on my life, each course coming at the right time. For a person who rarely read because I never seemed to have enough time, I now became a sponge for information.The way I viewed life changed as I began to realize I am the creator of my life.

In 2012 my first book, Desire – Connecting with your Divine Inspiration was published. Little did I know how that book would change my life?

2012 was my last year of teaching in a school setting. After having all of 2013 away from the classroom I couldn’t go back. As a result I resigned in February 2014 to launch my 15 day signature program, “Creating a MindShift for Change” for unemployed people. It was conducted in three locations around Victoria achieving outstanding results.

Late in 2014 the first two and a half day Retreat Intensive was conducted for people from the age of seventeen to sixty one; a transformational experience for many of the participants.

2015 found me in Egypt on a twelve day pilgrimage through many of the temples and the Great Pyramid. On returning to Australia I found myself in the country town of Daylesford writing three books, Life – Is a Mystery Unfolding I, II and III.

I dedicate the rest of my life to speaking and conducting programs/workshops that empower people to take control of their life, create the life they desire and in the process discover more of who they are as they evolve as a person.

Mission and Philosophy

My mission and philosophy is one of encouraging, uplifting and inspiring people of all ages to discover their greatness and unlimited potential, by enabling them to connect to their heart and take control of their thoughts to ultimately live a life of purpose, full of creativity, and transformation.