Personal Mentoring and Coaching Testimonials

My name is Jane FRANKLIN and I am a Leading Senior Constable with the Victoria Police Force.  I am currently attached to the High Challenge Program.  I have been a part of the High Challenge Program since October, 2006.  My daily duties are described as a program facilitator, predominantly working with young people “at risk” in a safe and positive environment, utilising the adventure based learning philosophy through a variety of “Challenge by Choice” activities.  Our main aims are to reduce stereotyping between young people and police and to promote positive relations between police and young people.

It was through the High Challenge Program that I had the pleasure of working with Leon BEATON, whilst he was teaching at Damascus College, Mt Clear, for five years from 2008 to 2012.  Our working relationship has developed tremendously over the years and has had a positive impact on me both personally and professionally.

Leon has an inspiring passion for working with young people which shone through on each occasion we worked together.  He naturally presents and conducts himself as a life coach, mentor and friend, thus is a positive role model to all whom he comes into contact with.  He has a unique ability to communicate effectively and efficiently on every level, in such a way that is not only positive but challenges young people to aim and achieve higher in every aspect of their lives.

I believe that Leon would be an asset to any organisation he becomes associated with and I highly recommend him for any position.  Leon will directly enhance any program and every life he comes into contact with.

Jane FRANKLIN – Leading Senior Constable 33465

At the beginning of 2013 I was someone who was incredibly afraid of expressing my own needs for fear of disappointing others. I was fearful of rejection and abandonment and would defer to others’ thoughts and opinions – so much so that sometimes I lost myself and what it was I wanted.

Leon worked with me throughout the year in regular coaching sessions. He encouraged me to stand in my own power and provided support and frameworks for me to identify ways that I could do this, as well as relevant examples that were inspiring and gave me a clearer understanding of steps I could take to achieve my goals. Leon gave me practical strategies to work on and because I was accountable to him I was motivated to fulfil these tasks, which was hugely beneficial in making steps towards my goals.

Through working with Leon I feel more confident and calm and also more positive and content that I will be able to achieve my dreams. I am learning to respond rather than react to circumstances I find difficult, and to listen to a wiser part of myself. I feel so privileged to have worked with Leon.

Jessica Vis – Perth

How would you know a great spiritual teacher if you met one? Would you expect them to fix everything, open some magic veil that would allow you to see the future, see your karma, see the past in the way that healed the present?

Would you suppose this spiritual teacher would somehow be above human emotions, human feelings, human error?

A great teacher is an enlightened master….

Most powerful teachers have been the ones who made me face my greatest fears and doubts. How did these masters of enlightenment do this? – Usually by asking questions that hit at the root of my struggle with faith and myself. He didn’t answer anything and left more questions, confusion and doubt that before you sought them out. What if the main thing that he ever did was stir things up, like an inferno and then walked away?

He was the one that rubbed me the wrong way, took me far out of my comfort zone I couldn’t find my way back, or made me question what I thought I deeply knew.

What if he required of you even more searching and periods of confusion and gave no promise of relief or eventual understanding?

Would you still consider his guidance if there was something in your pain that said to keep going?


Simone Butler – Ballarat

Zachery was confused about who he was and where he belonged. Zac had been in Foster Care for 17 years. Having a loving biological family, circumstances prevented him from living with his family. Zac had struggled with depression, lack of self -esteem and self- worth. This led him to engage in risk taking behaviours and heading towards a life of crime. Zac told me on more than one occasion that he knew he would go to jail as he was “bad”. He struggled in mainstream schooling, leaving mid-2012 to pursue life in the workforce.  This did not work out and really re-enforced to him that he was a” failure”. He again turned to risk taking behaviours and did not seem to care who he hurt and where he was heading. Even though Zac had lived in a loving, stable and caring environment for the past 10 years he continued to self-destruct.

Leon Beaton had been recommended to me, as the person who could “make a difference” to Zac’s life. I had been told that Leon had been a school teacher for over 30 years and had written a book on Personal Development. He was now working as a Mentor to the youth and would be the person to help Zac.  Zac was keen to meet Leon.

Jill Bibby

If you wish to know the rest of the story, email me and I can share it with you.

Leon Beaton and I crossed path early this year, in February 2012. We were at 3 day course, and I just happened to sit across him whilst waiting for my lunch. Leon always says that nothing ever happens coincidentally and I just believe that we were meant to meet.

Ever since our initial encounter, our communication has been universally ‘engineered’. Leon has been an amazing friend, exemplar and teacher to me. He is always introducing and leading me to my next level of personal and spiritual growth.
His uncanny ability to ‘read’ me accurately and provide the solution that resonates best with me is just truly priceless.

I have known Leon for about 6 months now, and I jokingly address him as “Socrates”, as he always answers all my questions with the right answers, at the right time. There have been plenty of times when I think of Leon or vice versa, and we just ring each other for a quick chat. We often just find a solution to my problem. This man is clearly living his life with passion, and is passionate about teaching and inspiring others to do the same.

I am very fortunate to be one of his faithful students and friends. If you are feeling stuck, or feel emotionally/spiritually imbalanced, and would really want to talk to someone who understands, get in touch with Leon. He is a great spiritual teacher, and provides the most needed answers. I am truly blessed to be taught by Leon, and I am 100% certain that you will be too!

Thila Raja – Perth

As a teaching colleague with Leon for over 20 years I have found him to be intuitive with the needs of young people. He is able to see through to their strengths and builds confidence in their own abilities. He enables them to strive for their dreams, even when the odds seemed stacked against them.
He is a person with a rare gift who has great insights to share.

David Santamaria – Ballarat

I wish I’d had a chance to say a proper thank-you in person for not only teaching me this year but also for your guidance along the way. I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes and feel that I now have a new perspective on a number of things. Thank-you for all of the work you have put in to help us, I admire your dedication and the way you work to each individual’s needs. Your words of wisdom have always lifted my spirits during tough times of the year.

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” Albert Schweitzer

 – Mia Whytcross

Leon! I have a chance to say this now! No kidding, your year 12 RE class was the most influential time for me at school, you did well :)

It was the reflective writing that you got us to do for homework. It made us stop and have a really good look at the finer things in our lives. I also really respected how you never made us say or do anything in class, you were always so patient and it made us not afraid to share in the end. I also liked the philosophical discussions we would usually do as a class. The way you respected every student and each idea that they brought forward was a class act. I remember thinking “now here’s a guy worth making an effort for because it’s obvious he enjoys what he does”.

Yet I’m not afraid of them (which I partly have you to thank for instilling a “why not?” mind frame into me).

 – Josh Darby

Leon is known to me as an educator and public presenter. He worked across a range of educational sectors and has a diverse life experience.

Leon has invested in himself enormously over recent years to assist others in their holistic development. He is well regarded for his ability to engage the audience he is with and he is an accomplished public presenter.

Leon is a published author, qualified teacher, hospitality expert and Mater Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner.

My knowledge of Leon is as his employer when he worked as a secondary school teacher at Damascus College in Ballarat. In his capacity as a teacher and mentor he has assisted young people to realise their broader potential outside of education and to draw on their inner qualities to achieve this. He is both empathetic and attuned to the needs of those who recognise that their life could be better on a variety of levels. Leon has the skills and presentation facilities to be able to assist people to grow and develop holistically. He is well presented, he uses humour appropriately and he interacts engagingly with his audience.

I commend Leon a man committed to his craft and passionate to support others in their personal growth. Leon achieves this in an authentic way!

 – Matthew Byrne – Principal Damascus College Ballarat