Keynote Speaking

Speaking Engagements

As a keynote speaker, Leon demonstrates the ability to “engage and stimulate staff by his dynamic approach and obvious warm and respectful manner.”

Leon wishes to share his diverse knowledge and wisdom with students in the secondary school system. As many of his students said, “What you teach the rest of the world needs to hear.”

For over 35 years Leon has been educating people whether it’s been in the classroom, conducting workshops for business or coaching people to live a more heart centred life. He has been interviewed on live radio on numeracy occasions about his work and philosophy of life.

When Leon speaks, he is renowned for his inspiration, passion and honesty for his intended audience. Whatever the context of his message, the underlying emphasis is always to empower his audience to take control of their life by eliminating fear and doubt and to have the courage to ultimately discover their greatness and unlimited potential.

Leon has spoken at numerous educational events and graduation dinners as well as conducted many leadership workshops and far too many retreats to remember.

Since resigning from teaching in the classroom in 2013, Leon has regularly spoken or been interviewed on radio: Radio National – Life Matters and Nightlife , ABC FM 91.1 Bendigo and ABC FM 107.9 Ballarat, FM 98.1 Croydon, MIXX 889 Hamilton and 3RPC FM Portland about his program, “Creating a MindShift for Change,” his published books and his work.

For speaking engagementsor enquiries in the Corporate arena or Secondary Schools email detailing your requirements.