Creating a MindShift for Change Program

“Creating a MindShift for Change Program”

Is a 15 day program originally designed to provide unemployed and retrenched people with life skills to increase their self-confidence and self-belief to take action to create their life which connects to their heart.  The components of the program can be broken down into smaller segments to meet the needs of individuals or businesses.

Objectives of the Program:

  1. Empower people to take control of their life and to live a more fulfilling life.
  2. Challenge people’s belief systems and to realize they control their life and have the ability to change their present situation.
  3. Enable people to have clarity in what area of work they would like to be engaged in.
  4. Be well on the way to creating the life they have imagined and visualized.
  5. Identify theirnatural talents and skills that best enable them to live a purposeful life.
  6. Have an outline of the next action steps people need to take to be engaged in meaningful employment, operating their own business or enrolled in further study.
  7. Have fun and be inspired to make a change in their life.
  8. To realize that nothing is a mistake, nothing is missing; everything people want is on the way with inspired action and belief in themselves.

List of the some of the content covered over the 15 days.

  • Re-directing your life to achieve your desire.
  • You are on this Earth for a purpose
  • Your Personal Values: What your life demonstrates
  • What is the truth about you?
  • All transformation occurs outside your comfort zone
  • Choice Point – The moment of change
  • Six steps to personal transformation
  • Authentic conversation with yourself
  • Courage – The Secret Ingredient
  • Success – What is it for you?
  • Belief Systems create your lived reality
  • Personal Wealth – It isn’t what you think it is!
  • The Power of Written Goals and Accountability
  • Fear & Doubt
  • Happiness
  • How People Express and Receive Love
  • The Importance & Impact of the Spoken Word
  • How to Present Yourself to the World with Confidence?
  • Two Gifts of Life
  • The Gift of Adversity
  • Failure – The Stepping Stone to Success
  • Why People come into your Life?
  • I AM …
  • Your Success Stories
  • Habits
  • Career and Value Linkage
  • The Secret Ingredient – Love of Self
  • Understanding the power of your Shadow Values
  • Consciousness – The Beginning of Change
  • The Art of Communication
  • Systemize your Life for Success
  • Vision leads to Attraction ends in Action
  • Action Creates Results
  • Creative Energy
  • 12 Insights for Personal Empowerment
  • Fixed vs Growth Mindset