“Creating a MindShift for Change” Program Testimonials

“I was a very depressed person; I thought I could not ever get another job. I came in to this course thinking like everyone else; I thought what have I gotten myself in to this time. I arrived at the first day and well I thought, ‘Oh my god, what is this?’ and for the first two to three days I fought with anything the teacher had to say. I had my guard up that high even I couldn’t see over it then by the end of the week I started to take in what he was saying and it started to make a bit of sense to me, but I still kept my guard up high so I couldn’t get hurt any more. Then all of a sudden he made me think of stuff that was going on in my life in a different way and it started to crumble my wall that was so high to only half way. Then we worked on it more and more and now I say my wall is almost down to the ground now.

So for that I would like to say a very big thank you for everything that you have shared with me and the rest of the class. I would love to say a very big thank you to Leon Beaton; I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for you. So once again a very big thank you Leon Beaton”

Anthony Martin – Bendigo


“Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for allowing me to attend your magnificent program ‘Creating a MindShift for Change.’

I have gained so many pearls of wisdom and now I know how to string them all together to make sense of this fantastic, mysterious journey unfolding before us called Life.

Thank you so much, you have inspired me and I look forward to reading your wonderful book!

I am no longer fearful of the unknown, but live in the Now and look to the future with great optimism.

With love and great respect, you are awesome”

Anna Smith – Bendigo


“First of all I would like to say thank you for the MindShift course that I attended with you in Bendigo, your training and guidance has been what I have lacked in the past.

I would be happy to tell anyone who is looking into how helpful it has been in braking down some of my personal barriers that had been preventing me from gaining employment. If some people could experience some of the teachings from Leon it would be a great benefit to society as a whole.

Again thank you Leon”

Phil Marsh – Castlemaine


“Thank you for challenging me and inspiring me into the right direction. The course was Empowering and Challenging and well worth it.”

Thank you

Bridget – Bendigo

“I just want to say a very big thank you for everything you have taught me throughout this course, it has been amazing. I have learnt so much from this experience and met a lot of great people on the way. You’re truly inspiring and I will take with me most of everything I have learnt throughout my life. My life has changed for the better, so thank you once again;keep up the good work.

Love and kind regards”

Lisa – Maryborough


What I have learnt in the last six weeks of doing this course, are coping mechanisms, ideas and practices to deal with any situation large or small that come my way.

My career as a professional performance poet and freelance writer was stalling. I was stuck living in mother’s house; on again off again relationship which was permanently frozen. I didn’t know where I was heading in this life.

Within the first two weeks of this course I was already looking for a new house. By the end of the third I had moved out. My relationship is back on track; my writing career is going from strength to strength. I was able to re-negotiate a new broadcasting deal with a local community radio station and I am set to attend and perform at the Fermoy International Poetry Festival in County Cork in Ireland in August of this year 2014

James WF Roberts – Bendigo


“Leon is not teaching us anything – we are getting knowledge and then it is up to us how we decide to use that knowledge to make decisions etc Leon is not judgemental they should have taught us like that when we were at school and the main and most important to young adults – Leon has street cred, that says it all mum”


Jack – Ballarat



“At the start of the program I was sceptical; maybe I just believed I knew everything or I believed everyone’s opinion of me. I walked in (late) and it changed my life.
Leon challenged me, taught me, laughed with me, but most of all he changed me. I am confident, stand on my own, open to new experiences, able to be challenged and not give up and be who I want to be and explore who I am.
I walked into a group of strangers, now I leave with a group of friends.
Leon will inspire you…I promise.
People need this class. I know it”

Kaitlyn Breitkreutz – Frankston

“The program was excellent. The first time I came I was thinking at my age (50) I already knew it all, but this program proved me wrong. Because of the program I realised I still can learn lots about life. I recommend it to anyone.” Sue – Carrum Downs

“You, Leon are amazing. You teach and learn and inspire more than anyone thought possible. I just appreciate everything and have enjoyed every moment. Thank You”

“I am delighted to be a part of Leon’s course. It gave me confidence to know some of my universal beliefs are being taught and trained in other ways in society.” Anita Connell – Frankston

“My self-belief has grown and so the belief that I will obtain employment in some aspect of the funeral industry” Anita Connell – Frankston

“I am a lot more confident within myself. I’m ready to start taking action. I’m ready to take steps that are needed to fulfil what I want in life.”

“I’m just a new person. I’ve gained confidence; I ask all the right questions. I don’t let anything get me down. I’m just different, a good difference.”

“I had no idea what this course was going to be about. I have never seen such wisdom in a course before. I’m happy I decided to be a part of it.”

“I find myself stopping and thinking more. Asking myself things I wouldn’t have before.”

“I have definitely gained confidence in myself, who I am and about my personal wealth through this program.”

“The program was great. I would really recommend it to anyone, especially young people trying to find who they are, but it was also fantastic for people my age. Very inspiring!”

What content pieces of this program C MS C made an impact on you?

25 year old male:

  • Your internal world creates your external world
  • The whole program just fits together and made an impact
  • Be, Do, Have
  • I am…
  • Feather, the brick, the truck
  • Work on your strengths not your weaknesses.


19 year old male:

  • Scepticism isn’t really productive for yourself or your surroundings.
  • I learnt to stop doubting the future and lay faith in the present.
  • Realism is mediocrity


18 year old male:

  • Identifying my past problem and unresolved issues, to let them go and take the lessons I needed from those experiences.
  • Learned how to control my anger and let it go
  • I understood my true self and the life I am going to make for myself
  • I found my true calling and now to utilise my skills and talents to help others
  • I’ve brought back so much mental and creative energy back into my life
  • I’ve learned a new respect for myself and others


24 year old male:

  • Our creative mental energy – helped me a lot to let go of yesterday’s problems and focus on my next step.
  • Our internal world creates our external world
  • Push our comfort zone in order to grow, learn and experience things


30 year old male:

  • No ordinary moments – awareness of our surroundings
  • Stone in your shoe
  • Re-examining priorities and energy expenditure


21 year old female:

  • The feather, the brick, the truck.
  • Your internal world creates your external world. It has opened my eyes a little more to my life and how I live it.


21 year old male:

  • Making you believe in yourself


Overall comments about the program:

  • Leon obviously is very passionate about what he is teaching which makes it easy to connect and understand what he is saying.
  • Leon is an amazing teacher and philosopher of life. He is a true test and inspiration to all.
  • He challenges you to be the best you can be and to make a change.
  • Very great course, very interesting


How have you changed as a result of completing the “C MS C” program?

  • Contemplation and preparedness is equally important as action
  • I am a lot more focused with what I want to do and how to go about doing it.
  • I have changed my life, my views, my priorities and my inner self more than I could have ever expected.
  • I know I can do things to create the life I desire
  • I recognise my skills, allow other people to recognise them as well.