2 ½ Day Retreat Intensive

Comment from a mother about her son on completing the program that she texted to me.

“What can I say? Whoa! What a difference a day makes. Thank you so much for your program. My son (name withheld) has come home vibrant and full of self-belief and direction. He loved it so much and of course the special bond he has with you. I have talked at length with (my son) and read all your literature, it’s amazing.” Jill
How have you changed as a result of completing the “Creating a MindShift for Change”

  • More at peace
  • I have a new perspective of life and the meaning of love and what it takes to have a relationship
  • A lot more at ease around my issues about self-doubt – self-love.
  • More confident
  • More knowing that it is happening
  • Allowing myself to enjoy life, live each moment embracing all there is now here
  • I have grown and become complete again and lighter because of the program

Do you have any overall comments about the program/presenter?

  • A wonderful manner at all times
  • The program is well designed and well thought out with flexibility and options available for changes and choices to be appropriate for the group and what comes up.
  • Excellent, looking forward to more
  • Thank you so much for teaching me all these things and helping me to grow and you are awesome.
  • Thank you so much Leon. You have done a wonderful job and I thank you.